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Volume 2: Consistency

In classes lately, you might have heard our coaches talk about consistency. TRUHiT North Boise's official word of the summer! We exist as a gym to help you live your best life - to support you in your pursuit of health and wellness goals. That's where we find our drive and passion as a studio.

Simply put, a huge part of your finding success is going to revolve around your ability to remain consistent in three areas: exercise, nutrition, and sleep. In this busy season of vacations, hot weather, and blue skies, we want to encourage you to consistently engage in the habits that will get you where you want to be. Why?

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.


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Volume 1: What is a MetCon?

Welcome to the first-ever North Boise TRUHiT member newsletter. We see this as an opportunity to grow in community, educate (both ourselves and members), and dive just a bit deeper each month into the endlessly deep pool of health and wellness. We'll go over the latest research, recommend habits you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle, explore opportunities unique to the Boise community to engage with, share healthy recipes we love, and much more.

For this very first letter, let's start with answering a foundational question:

What exactly is a MetCon? What is HIIT?

You may have heard these terms countless times and have definitely participated in them, but what is your knowledge of the...