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TRUHiT TRUTH: An education series - Volume 1

Volume 1: What is a MetCon?

Welcome to the first-ever North Boise TRUHiT member newsletter. We see this as an opportunity to grow in community, educate (both ourselves and members), and dive just a bit deeper each month into the endlessly deep pool of health and wellness. We'll go over the latest research, recommend habits you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle, explore opportunities unique to the Boise community to engage with, share healthy recipes we love, and much more.

For this very first letter, let's start with answering a foundational question:

What exactly is a MetCon? What is HIIT?

You may have heard these terms countless times and have definitely participated in them, but what is your knowledge of the WHY behind the what? That's where we come in...

MetCons - Let's Talk About Them

Metabolic Conditioning is a form of exercise that makes use of the immediate and intermediate energy pathways. In other words, they are high-intensity, carb-burning, sweat-dripping, time-specific workouts that push you hard. That's why there are rest periods between sets - you're working your energy systems with an intensity it cannot sustain for a longer period of time.

And HIIT? Is It Really Different?

While often interchangeable terms, there is a slight difference in definition. HIIT exercises are intended to be performed at greater than 80 percent of your maximum heart rate, while MetCons don't necessarily have that as a requirement (although they typically still do, there is a longer leash on required intensity). In other words, HIIT exercises are always a form of a MetCon, but MetCons aren't always a form of HIIT.

But Why Do We Do Them?

So many reasons, but let's keep it to three simple ones:

1. Time efficient - the biggest bang for your buck in terms of burning calories and building muscle during and after the workout.

2. The gains - moderate/high-intensity interval training can reduce body fat percentage and build muscle.

3. It's in the name - METABOLIC conditioning! Research shows these workouts can help tone your body and improve your metabolism. That means improved moving, thinking, and growing.

Are There... Cons?

Two that come to mind:

1. Requires gym equipment

2. Risk of injury

*Our North Boise TRUHiT is proud to offer brand new state-of-the-art gym equipment, so scratch #1. And as for injury risk - our trainers are there to help ensure you're doing every movement safely and correctly, easing the concern of #2.*

We hope you have a better understanding of what MetCons and HIIT exercises are - just about every one of our workouts falls under their umbrella.

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