TRUHiT TRUTH: an education series - volume 2

Volume 2: Consistency

In classes lately, you might have heard our coaches talk about consistency. TRUHiT North Boise's official word of the summer! We exist as a gym to help you live your best life - to support you in your pursuit of health and wellness goals. That's where we find our drive and passion as a studio.

Simply put, a huge part of your finding success is going to revolve around your ability to remain consistent in three areas: exercise, nutrition, and sleep. In this busy season of vacations, hot weather, and blue skies, we want to encourage you to consistently engage in the habits that will get you where you want to be. Why?

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.

If you have health goals you're currently working toward (first of all, we'd love to hear about them), the key is to consistently engage in the habits that are going to help you accomplish them. You don't have to be extreme, just consistent.

So, does your calendar reflect the goals you have set?


Why is consistency vital?

Strength gains, fat loss, cardiovascular improvement, or any other type of fitness-related goal craves consistency in the work applied towards them. Yes, the body needs R&R, but you won't experience improvements if you binge a few workouts, burn out, and don't come to the rest of the week or more.

Changing your mindset.

If my absolute max set of pull-ups is 10, and my goal is to get better at them, I'm really never going to go in and do 10 pull-ups. The goal is to build volume over time by doing 4 x 5, 5 x 6, and continue building from there. If you're looking to become more fit, we encourage you to refrain from coming in once or twice a week and going ALL OUT. You will be sore, but you aren't going to reach your goals. Sign up for 3-5 classes a week and ease into them - allowing yourself in turn to build more volume over the course of the week.

Showing Up Is The Hardest Part

Once you see that TRUHiT sign on State street, you've already done the hardest part. Sometimes your body does well and truly need rest. Listen to it when that's the case. BUT - fight against the voice in your head telling you to skip workouts when you are able to put in the work and release those endorphins. Do everything you can to show up, and let our coaches, facility, and fellow members help raise the energy. Another way to think about it is: you almost never regret coming to a workout.

Tips On Staying Consistent:

1. Sign up for your classes at the start of the week: you'll be more likely to show up if it's on the schedule.

2. Have an accountability buddy: having a friend at classes will make you more likely to come, and make it more fun while you're there.

3. Talk to us about your goals: letting our coaches know about your goals will allow us to check in on your progress, helping you stay accountable to the aspirations you set. Schedule a wellness check-in meeting with us anytime.


Here are a few sources we like that dive deeper into the benefits of consistency:

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