Group Training

Group Fitness in Boise

Here at TRUHIT Fitness North Boise, our gym is built around group training — and our classes become communities of people supporting each other on their fitness journeys! Group fitness can provide a number of benefits, both physical and mental. It can help to improve your overall fitness level, while also providing a supportive community to help keep you motivated. Classes are for people of all fitness levels and are 55 minutes long, which include a warm-up, exercise, and cool down/stretch.

With TRUHIT group training, you’re part of a team, which increases your motivation and boosts your mood. Learn more about our functional, full-body group training classes, and contact us today to request a consultation. Maximize your TRU potential with TRUHIT Fitness North Boise Idaho Fitness Center!

Workouts Designed For Everyone

New to fitness? Been working out for a long time? TRUHIT is for everyone! Our functional, full-body workouts can be tailored to your strength and fitness levels and will improve your energy levels, metabolic rate, and endurance — no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey.

Our group training classes are completely scalable, and we have people who are brand new to fitness as well as people who have been working out for years in the same classes. Our expert trainers will help customize the workout to your needs and help you maximize your TRU potential. Come see why we are Boise's best gym.

Why Choose Functional group fitness classes at TRUHIT Fitness North Boise?

  • Our classes are only 55 minutes, so you can easily fit them into your schedule.

  • High-intensity means that you will get a great workout in a short amount of time.

  • Our classes are geared towards functional movement, so you will be using muscles that you use in everyday life.

  • You will be part of a group, so you will have the support and motivation of others to help you reach your fitness goals.

Weekly Class Schedule

  • Monday - Upper Body
  • Tuesday - Lower Body
  • Wednesday - Full Body Conditioning
  • Thursday - Upper Body
  • Friday - Lower Body
  • Saturday - Full Body Conditioning

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Community Support

At TRUHIT, we believe in the power of community, and our group fitness classes provide a supportive and fun environment for you to reach your fitness goals. You will be surrounded by people who are working hard and pushing themselves, which will help motivate you to do the same.

Our group fitness classes are not only a great way to get in shape, and they can also help you meet new people and make friends. Many of our members attend classes regularly at the same times, and your group becomes a crew of workout friends. You sweat together and support one another!

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Adult Class Schedule

Monday – Friday

Morning Classes 5:15am, 6:30am,

9:30am (M/W/F only)

Evening Classes 4:30pm, 5:45pm





Power Hour

(1st & 3rd Saturday of the month)